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News Report

Welcome to the 2022 - 23 CVL Season


Welcome, league structure, fixtures available

A warm welcome to everyone in the clubs: teams, coaches, managers and supporters to the CVL. A special welcome to those who are new to the leagues. Let's all hope this season isn't disrupted so we can return to something more like normal.

This season we have the usual age groups but there are more teams competing so we have two leagues at each of U12, U14 and U16 for boys or mixed teams. There are 13 teams at U12, 15 teams at U14 and 16 teams at U16 and each age group is divided into two leagues; each team plays the others in its league twice at U12 and U14, and once at U16. Again this season we have 2 girls only leagues at U14 and U16. These leagues have fewer members and have to play each other more than once to get a reasonable number of games. The U14 Girls league has 3 teams that play each other 3 times and the U16 Girls league has 4 teams that play each other twice. The season starts on September 30th and finishes on May 26th.

We are using three venues: Wellington College, Bracknell College and King's Academy this season so, please, check carefully on this site which venue before you set out.

The season's fixtures are now available on this site.

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